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This is Kia, she along with her sister, Couie,


Kia with volunteer when we first rescued her and then after living at RR a while.

and Topanga were our first rescues at Refuge Ridge.  Due to their tendency to escape she and her sister were living in a raccoon pen, unable to get out and run.  Of course they were so malnourished they didn’t have the energy to run. In fact Kia could barely stand when we first rescued her, her legs collapsing under her weight every couple of minutes.

Building habitats and rescuing the animals is only a small part of the picture. They need food, vet care (and of course treats.) By becoming a pup pack member you pledge a small amount a month (anywhere from $1.00- $5.00) to help us ensure all our animals are happy, well fed and spoiled rotten.

While this may seem like too little to make a difference, to us this is a huge help. Just a couple of hundred people pledging pocket change a month can ensure that we can provide our animals with all the care they need.





Gubbio spent his whole life chained before breaking loose an ending up at a shelter.

Pup Pack Members who donate at least $3.00 a month will receive a Pup Pack membership certificate.

Want to use this as a gift? No problem just let us know what name to put on the certificate and where to send it.  Have any questions? Drop me an email.



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