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Refuge Ridge is home to several wolfdog mixes. They help to teach people to see wildlife, not as villains, but as living creatures. Along with the dogs they also are used in our humane education programs.

Center InteriorRoger and Phyllis Sherman Wildlife Obsevation Center

The Sherman Center, once completed, will be available to host a wide range of activities. A wide open area, and large viewing windows allow observing the animals while doing. Once completed the Center will be open for visitors and available for private events.

wolf and girlEducation Programs

Our education programs combine  the welfare of children and animals in order to create a unique program where both can flourish. Working with our resident dogs, who come from a variety of backgrounds and situations,  the kids learn about animal care while developing empathy for all species.

RR Color FinalRefuge Ridge is an environmental and humane education centre located in the mountains of South Eastern Kentucky. We believe that the welfare of animals and the environment are intertwined. Even pristine frontier forest land is incomplete without abundant wildlife. And animals can’t survive without a habitat.

We focus on educating people on the importance of protecting the environment and the effects of our daily actions on the world around us. Providing both resources and hands on learning activities we can make a difference in the way that people interact with the planet. Our pet programs focus on allowing kids a hands on opportunity to discover the complex nature of animals and improve not only their understanding of their pets, but the animal kingdom as a whole.

The Roger and Phyllis Sherman Learning Center is situated on 250 acres of land in the mountains of Kentucky. The center, when completed, will allow people to view the wolfdogs in their habitat with minimum stress to the animals. The center will allow a greater variety and larger groups to visit the refuge.

How can I make a donation?

You can make donations on-line by going to our Donations page or by sending a check to P.O. Box 1082 Williamsburg, KY 40769. Donations of supplies and services are also accepted. To arrange drop off or pick up drop us a message on facebook

Are my donations tax deductible?

Yes. Refuge Ridge is a 501 (c)3 organization. All donations are tax deductible.

Can you take my Dog, Wolfdog, Wooly Mammoth?

No, at this time Refuge Ridge can’t take on any more animals. However we can help you in other ways. If you need training help or advice for a problem pet or fencing suggestions for wolfdogs or other difficult to contain animals drop an email to

Can we visit Refuge Ridge

Yes, we can accept visitors. However until the Center is complete we take guest by appointment only. If you are interested in trying to arrange a visit either send a message to Refuge Ridge on facebook or drop an email to